Spaceport Rocketry Association

Premier rocketry organization serving the Florida Space Coast since 1973


Spaceport Rocketry Association Organization 

The Spaceport Rocketry Association board includes five officers; President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, TRA Prefect and Trustee. The Club Officers are volunteers who donate their time and support to ensure that SRA continues its long tradition of varied rocketry activities.

The Spaceport Rocketry Association holds elections for officers at the last launch of each year (November). All members in good standing for at least one year are eligible to run for office. If you are interested please Contact Us. Names of those running for each office will be announced at the October launch and listed in the October Newsletter. Results are posted in the November Newsletter and the new officers begin serving at the beginning of the year.

The current SRA officers are:

President/Treasurer - Tim Cubbedge

Vice President - Steve Alban

Secretary - Tom McKeown

TRA TAP/Prefect - Gary Dahlke

Trustee - John Hames

In addition to the elected Club Officers, SRA has an honorary club officer who volunteers his time and support for the advancement of SRA:

Club Operations Officer - Tom McKeown

SRA's vendor is normally onsite (check Launch Status page), is an active SRA member, and provides donations to support many of the SRA special activities:

Good Luck Rocketry- Bernie Lalime

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